Adopt Gemma

Contributed by Kelleigh Orthmann M.S., Clear Creek Cat Rescue

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Gemma is a lovely, sleek tabby girl with a neat short-haired coat. She is about a year or two old.

Gemma is a classic spirit cat. She loves other cats and does fine with mellow dogs. And she does love her people. She is used to being in a home with people, hanging out with the other cats, playing and exploring the house. She can enjoy being pet by her trusted human at times, but generally her love is shown by being in the company of her people, by sharing a home and family. She loves to share the happiness of having a home and life together. 

To Gemma, her humans are part of her colony, her family. She loves them in her cat-like way and will be devoted to them. She will need a loving, patient person who will give her time to adjust to a whole new life and family. She will need cat friends and a safe place to go outside. She is an excellent hunter.

In Wasilla. Call 631-1901.

Clear Creek Cat Rescue
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