Bill Johnson: Why I am Running For District 9

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Contributed by Bill Johnson

I am running to represent District 9 in Juneau. I am an Alaskan, and a Democrat. This means that my approach will be very different from that of my opponent, the incumbent George Rauscher.

Let me introduce myself. I was born and raised in Delta, and still live here. I graduated from Delta High School in 1970. Attended UAF and eventually graduated. I have, like many of you living the Alaskan lifestyle, worked at many jobs, including wildland firefighter, a surveyor, a union business agent and an adjunct professor for the University of Alaska. I retired in 2015. I am not a politician, just a regular guy who is frustrated with the direction our great state of Alaska is headed.

When my grandparents came to Alaska, it was a place of opportunity, a situation that lasted throughout much of my life and from which I directly benefited. This is no longer the case, and I am worried about my grandchildren and their ability to enjoy similar opportunity.

You all know about our statewide budget shortfall, or the crisis in our healthcare system, but consider the following:

• Job growth is one of the lowest in the nation.

• Unemployment is one of the highest.

• Real wage growth is down.

• Personal income average is down.

• Home prices are flat.

• Actual population was lower in 2017 than in 2016.

• For the last five years, more people have moved out of the state than have moved in.

This is untenable. We need to change course. That is why I am running.

Alaskans deserve a stable state budget. We need a thriving economy. Our children have a right to quality, affordable education. We must be good stewards of our resources while at the same time we should, as our constitution says, develop them for “maximum use consistent with the public interest”.

Follow my campaign. Consider my values. Evaluate my goals.

Please vote for me.

Thank you,

Bill Johnson

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