Somebody's Gotta Kiss the Babies!

This campaign has been so much fun! 

Speaking candidly, I am not a candidate, but somebody’s gotta kiss the babies!

Any good political campaign is built around the persona of some person. Truthfully, people vote for personality over everything else.  

Is that bad?  

That’s to bedetermined, but why not have fun with it!? And in the process, communicate an idea that changes minds.

We could psychoanalyze what makes people tick regarding politics, but that’s just more ideas.

Ideas don't kiss babies and ideas don’t stand on the corner of Parks and Crusey, waving signs.

There I was, on the corner of Parks Highway and Crusey Street, in downtown Wasilla.  There at Wasilla Lake, looking like an idiot waving a blank sign that would later be photoshopped – learning about human nature. 

A blank white sign held above my head, Cecil Sanders laughing with me from across the lot.  He took the photos, while I stood there - way out of my comfort zone - waving hands, signs, and smiling.  

And people honked!  Over and over!

See, people don’t care about ideas.  People care about people.  People like to see other people standing up for something, anything - even nothing!

Am I blaming them for not being more informed?  Am I saying the average voter isn’t qualified to vote?  Nope, not at all.

I am saying that the political theater that plays out online, on screen, and on demand is not nearly as impactful as our daily purchases.  ‘Dollar Voting’ is a powerful political action.  Even the supreme court recently determined that money equals free speech, so-

No. Too serious, too soon.  

I promise to get into the serious side of this campaign in 2016. For now, let’s just enjoy the season.  As the old saying goes, time is money.  Spend it wisely - on your family and community - and please enjoy these pictures of little baby Zelda Burkhart, who brings joy to my heart! 

Merry Christmas!