Electric Arctic Yachts: No Pollution

Contributed by Daniel N. Russell

We have great need for Ice-class Arctic yachts and ships that cannot pollute our air and sea. If a ship on an Arctic route were to run aground or to collide with a substantial iceberg, then an environmental disaster would ensue, because it is extremely expensive, if not impossible, to contain and clean-up an oil spill in Arctic sea ice. In addition, pollution of our air by diesel fumes, CO, CO2, is not responsible, and is no longer acceptable.

We are developing beautiful, clean, Arctic ice-class yachts and ships powered by electric engines, which emit only water vapor, require no fossil fuels, and which pose no danger to our Arctic environment. Land-based solar, wind, geothermal, and even tidal power generators could make and store all the electrical power needed. These ships would employ carbon fiber technology in a hull that is lightweight, strong, and resilient against impact. 

A special resin, polyvinylesterepoxy, remains flexible when cured, and would ensure that the hull would not crack upon impact in cold temperatures. "Fractal Tube Reinforcement" technology, which I invented (US Patents 5707724 and 5928450) dramatically increases strength-per-unit-weight, and the fractal tubes are formed by a special fiber orientation that prevents small cracks from progressing. Both hydrodynamic and aerodynamic control surfaces, using my "Non-linear Tunnel Hull", US Patent 5474014, would enhance efficiency and speed. Getting there before the weather changes would be a good thing! 

Below is my artistic impression of this concept.  Seriously interested investors may contact the inventor, Daniel N. Russell, by e-mail: dnrussellms@yahoo.com.