Beer Inspired

Contributed by June Gerteisen, BFA, MA, Co-founder & Creative Director at Arkose Brewery

Over four years ago, Arkose Brewery offered its first “Beer Meets Canvas” tasting at the brewery as part of the 2nd Saturday monthly Palmer Art Walk. Since then the event has expanded to include Wednesday evenings, or you can book your own day and time for you and a group of friends or family. 

My training in the fine arts, art therapy, and in the brewing industry resulted in this union of beer, business, and art. This creative outlet has allowed us to open our doors to the world of beer for our participants, while encouraging self-expression. Fostering the creative process here at Arkose is something we have been committed to not only in the brewing process and recipe formulation, but it is the main thrust behind Beer Meets Canvas. 

At the Beer Meets Canvas tastings our motto is “Sip. Relax. Create.” A theme and a sketch are always provided as a guideline to Inspiration, although individual expression is the Rule!  I am on hand for questions and guidance if desired, but participants are encouraged to make their own creative choices. While you tap into your inner artist, we tap into our brew tanks and “Beer Inspired” takes on a whole new meaning.

It’s all about the process and the senses. The aroma, flavor, and taste of the beer, the feel of the paint on the canvas, brush in your hand and ultimately the natural process of self-discovery.  We all possess our own personal symbols.  Only through the rewarding process of letting go and allowing our own imagery to emerge before us can we truly become self-enriched. Savor the flavor of locally crafted beer while you create your own, unique, one-of-a-kind hand crafted piece of personal art unlike no other right here at the brewery.

Arkose Brewery is located at 650 E. Steel Loop and has been brewing since 2011. We are Palmer’s first production brewery. Samples, pints, growlers-to-go are available in the Taproom open Mon – Sat. Noon to 7 p.m. (closed Sundays).  Arkose beers are also available on tap at restaurants, pubs, and growler bars, as well as in 22 oz. bottles statewide.  Learn more at or by calling 746-BEER. Cheers!