Brewster for a Day at Arkose Brewery

Contributed by June Gerteisen, Co-founder & Creative Director at Arkose Brewery

On March 5th, Arkose Brewery invited women in the community to participate in the national “Big Boots Brew Day” put on by The Pink Boots Society (PBS).  

PBS is a nonprofit organization that raises the profile of women in the craft beer industry and raises the profile of beer for women. With the proceeds from these brews, PBS provides scholarships to their members. These scholarships cover a wide range of education in the craft beer industry.

Women working at breweries all over the world were invited to participate. As a member of the PBS, I was excited to be part of this collaborative effort to raise awareness about the beer industry to women and to invite women in the community to join me in being a “Brewster” for a day. A Brewster is the term used for a female brewer.  This was a new experience for our guests and it really gave them a behind-the-scenes look into the hard work involved with an official “brew day” at Arkose Brewery.

The fruits of our labor, “Pink Boots Raspberry Red,” will be on tap only at the brewery beginning Thursday, April 14. Not only is the Arkose taproom the only place you will be able to sample this beer, but it will also be dispensed using nitrogen instead of Co2. Adding nitrogen to a beer as it is being poured from the tap imparts an extra creamy and smooth mouth feel, because the bubbles in the foam are much smaller.  The following illustration explains it best: 

Arkose Brewery is located at 650 E. Steel Loop and has been in operation since 2011. It is Palmer’s first brewery ever and offers not only beers on tap in the taproom, but beers on tap at many local and statewide restaurants, pubs, and growler bars. 22 oz bottles are also available at liquor stores throughout the State. 

Taproom is open Mon – Sat. Noon to 7 p.m. (closed Sundays). Learn more at or by calling 746-BEER. Cheers!