Burn Relief Fund for Brad Moffitt

Contributed by Tiffany Moffitt Rye

ACCIDENTS…They happen every day and so many of them go unnoticed.

Have you been part of an accident?  Have you been the part of what caused the accident?  I sometimes wonder how each of us really feel inside when we experience an accident?  It seems to me that accidents can be seen as just random things that happen TO a person and that they sometimes cannot explain its origin, then there are those accidents that happen and we know exactly what happened as we were the one holding the cause in our very hands…

Such a thing happened on Sunday, April 3rd as my twin brother’s oldest son, Brad Moffitt, 26 of Palmer, was cooking with grease and it caught on fire. Then it caught him on fire and burned his face, eyes and ear.  I received a phone call after the accident from my mother who shared his condition as stable and needing to see some specialists and later I received a text from his sister, my niece, Ali Moffitt.

“He went to go pour hot grease out that was on fire and the hot grease and fire shot straight back up in his face. He got 2nd degree burns on his face and 3rd degree burns on his ear. He was in a lot of pain, they gave him a lot of pain medication and put a bunch of bacitracin all over his face.  His eyes got burned by the grease.  The right not so bad but the left, they are not sure about. It will be a week or so before he can open his eye lids. The doctors said his eye lids will take longer to heal than his eyes. But they are not sure how the one eye will be. The burn specialist is a plastic surgeon. He looks really good considering. His skin is really red where the burns are, but he doesn’t look bad. I mean he looks like he’s in pain, but it looks like he will heal good. Just pray for him.  Love you.”

What I really want to share with you is how I know Brad and what I know about him, as well as what the Lord showed me in a vision through prayer in the next hours and days to come.  I will also share details about how we can all help this humble young man.  God is so amazing and He loves us so much.  He is faithful to His children.  


I would have to tell you that I met Brad when he was born to my twin brother and his wife, Laurie.  He came out with crazy curly hair and a huge amount of dark eyebrows and oh so long eyelashes. What an adorable first nephew I had!  I was 18, and well, so was Brad’s father…My twin brother.  

So, as I watched this little whipper snapper grow up, he was such a humble, compassionate, giving, quiet young boy and young man.  He continually surprised me by the amount of time he could spend in front of a TV, I’m talking hours at a time.  Yes, he was very interested in being a movie star. I could tell!  Well, maybe he was just blocking out the hustle and bustle around him and just content with being focused while the rest of us didn’t seem to be.  I can tell you he was very interested in how others felt.  He was in tune with their spirit.  

As for Brad as an adult, I have spent years seeing him at family gatherings, any celebration where there’s food and it’s free, and for about the past 5 years I’ve watched him work his way up in his job at Three Bears to the receiving manager.  He has always been a compassionate young man helping others when he sees a need and just simply being there for you when you need him.  His laughter and love for life and others is a beautiful example of what I believe God started showing me would be a HUGE factor in his healing.  

The night of the accident at 12 midnight the Lord showed me this, and I texted it to Bailey to share with Brad:

“It ends well and the Lord prevails!  It's not good now, but God is going to use his experience to bring great hope to His people who have been on the fence about their faith. They are going to watch him be healed supernaturally and in way faster time than anyone else might because of his faithfulness. He sees your faithfulness too sweetie, keep trusting and watch as he is transformed before your eyes.  Brad has the trust and obedience in him to withstand this and heal supernaturally just by speaking the name of Jesus over and over in his head or out loud. Do as He shows us and wait upon His guidance.”

As my husband and a friend of mine were preparing to go and see Brad for the first time on Monday night, the Lord showed me clearly in a vision after I prayed about Brad and his healing. That Brad would be supernaturally and miraculously healed in His timing.  He showed me a picture of a waterfall rushing over Brad’s face, He showed me healing scripture flowing from the waterfall and that led me to look up scriptures on our way to his home and read them out loud.  

As we grew closer to the house, I could feel the Holy Spirit lifting me up inside and preparing me for tears.  As we entered the room where Brad sat upright on his bed unable to see, I approached him and reached out for his hands and began to cry.  All I saw was this little boy who needed to be embraced by his Aunt Tiffy.  He looked like he was in so much pain and yet he made not a peep.  

I could do nothing but love on him.  We prayed together, we read scripture over him, we held his hands, we cracked jokes, and we anointed him with oil and believed for his supernatural and quick healing. Wow! When I left that house, I felt the Lord’s presence all around Brad and in that house. It was so evident to me that something greater than us was there with us.  You could just feel the healing power of faith in action.  

When I asked him days after the accident, “So Brad, can you tell us how long you’ve been playing with fire?”  His girlfriend’s reply was, “He’s been playing with fire since he was just a boy, he has moved from matches to stove tops.”  Yes, the sense of humor is what continues to remain in the midst of all the pain.  Brad has shown me that he is in good spirits and even if he feels pain, he does not show it and apparently doesn’t share it even when he is having his dead skin scrubbed off with only gauze as a barrier.  

So, now you know what has happened to Brad, what the Lord showed me would happen, and what we are all in agreement of for his healing.  Now, will you please consider emptying some change from your piggy bank, your savings account, giving up a coffee or a meal for one day, and going to the go fund me page under https://www.gofundme.com/7txxwynw and donating to the cause, Burn Relief Fund for Brad Moffitt, or simply by going to MVFCU and transferring or depositing some money, even $1.00 into Account #152665MO checking.   Every bit counts. 

This burn relief fund is to provide money directly to Brad for his rising medical costs from his original ER visit, to his multiple eye appts and surgery to regain his sight as well as multiple appointments to scrub his dead skin away.  The funds will also be used to pay for his current living expenses of rent, utilities, and other bills as he is unable to physically return to work yet and is unsure of when that may take place in the future.