Patriotic Introspection

Contributed by Nan Potts

July the Fourth, marks America's birth,
With prideful joy let us revel in mirth.
'Tis our duty to honor our nation;
"Ol' Glory" waves high, her rightful station.

Fireworks roar over cities and towns;
O're our "spacious skies", freedom resounds.
Arrays of hues, from the red to the blue,
Beat loud and laud country, cheers ring it true.

Some, I've heard say, "It's too patriotic;
Red, white and blue flags, it's just idiotic."
I scratch my noggin at what doth's protest,
To salute this land, to whom we attest?

Folks who discredit the U.S. of A.
Disregard the accounts made on that day;
Lost all spirit, of American kind,
Mere patriotism's been left behind.

Nationalism's not fit to savor;
Like grace and respects begun to waver.
What, I have questioned, hast brought us to this?
Our strive for Progression, has gone amiss?

Advancement and change can be wondrous things
But nixing the worthy, oh, how that stings!
History shows, if we dare to see it,
Events cast away, recur; repeated. 

In an ideal world, folks work to survive,
Find goodwill, unity and feel alive.
Both desirable traits live within us
Yet, no Utopia stands, only in jus.

Founding Fathers of old, gave it their all
And strove to create a country we call
United, as one; diversity teems.
Our contrasts in cultures strengthens, it seems.

This union of ours, from those who've given
Their fortunes, honor and lives, we have thriven;
Can't tout perfection, nor spotless account
Yet, no country can claim it's tantamount.

Me, on this Fourth, I gladly acknowledge
This land, my home, been raised, and to college.
A child of God first, family, then friends;
A Patriot e'er, 'til this lifetime ends.