Events at Fireside Books

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Steve Toutonghi Book Signing: JOIN
June 16 @ 4 PM

Dinner with the Author at Turkey Red Restaurant
June 16 @ 6 PM 

What if you could live multiple lives simultaneously; have constant, perfect companionship, and never die? 

In the tradition of classic speculative fiction from David Mitchell and Philip K Dick, JOIN is a literary sci-fi thriller that brings to life the "future of the mind" in which humans can merge human consciousness to form permanent "joins", expanding life and the join's very sentience-but at what cost? 

JOIN allows for the fusing of several minds into one, which experiences the past and present through multiple bodies. Two joins, Chance and Leap (respectively a "five" and a "four"), encounter a terrifying malfunction in the Join technology and discover that the light of this miracle technology may be blinding them to its horrors. In the heart of North America, devastated by environmental upheaval (the causes of which joins, who will effectively live forever, were long ago ignored) they meet Join's architects, and their trust in each other becomes their only guide through the moral hazards of a society in which individual identity has come undone.

Dinner Tickets are $25/person and available only at Fireside Books. Please visit the store, or call 745-2665, or purchase online at to reserve your place at the table! Tickets are available until close of day, June 14, 2016. 

Cil Gregoire Book Signing: Oracle of Light Series
June 18 @ 10 AM   


Chery Manning Book Signing: God Has a Reason for Everything: A Book of Tragedy and Miracles That Can Make You Believe There Is No Such Thing as a Coincidence
June 18 @ 12 PM 


Marianne Schlegelmilch Book Signing
June 25 @ 4PM

Dinner with the Author, Independence Hotel & Restaurant Banquet Hall
June 25 @ 6PM

"...the whole feather 'thing' began when a war veteran gave my husband (also a war veteran) a feather with a red dot painted on it and told him it would bring him peace from the war. There's more to it than that," she adds, "But that's the gist of it." 

"...when she decided that writing mysteries might be fun, the feather seemed like a logical focal point around which she could weave her stories, and so she began with the first book in the series, Feather from a Stranger. Next came Two Tickets and a Feather, Drift Feather on the Alaska Seas, Feather for Hoonah Joe, and now, Feather for Forever.  

Tickets are $25 per person and are available only at Fireside Books, by calling 745-2665, or purchasing online at