Alaskan Dubbed Preeminent Writer of Prehistoric Fiction

Contributed by Bonnye Matthews

Alaskan author Bonnye Matthews’ fifth and final title in her “Winds of Change” novel series, The SealEaters, 20,000 BC, came with a first place win this year. It also came with an evaluation by Maryland’s Grace Cavalieri that ranks the quality of her work with that of Michael and Kathleen Gear, Sue Harrison, and others in the popular genre.

Cavalieri is a multi-award-winning author of 16 books and chapbooks of poetry, 26 plays, (one performed at the Smithsonian), and producer-host of “The Poet and the Poem” from the Library of Congress. She concluded her comments of The SealEaters, 20,000 BC, with:

Bonnye Matthews is America’s preeminent writer of prehistoric history. Her task is one we could believe insurmountable- to chronicle the lives, relationships and activities of people 20,000 BC. In this case “The SealEaters”, Matthews tethers fantasy to fact and bases fiction on reliable and credible sources.

Her characters are well drawn and believable. Their emotions are plausible. Their psychological action is commensurate with physical action. Not only an action adventure story, it’s a book of hearts and minds, and humans who combat nature and an unfriendly environment to survive and succeed. There are places that captivate the reader and Matthews’ writing is exemplary and riveting.

In 2016 Matthews discovered that all five of her book wins were adjudicated by Cavalieri, beginning in 2013 with Ki’ti’s Story, 75,000 BC, in Alaska Professional Communicators’ annual contests. Cavalieri’s comments echoed Midwest Book Review’s opinion on the entire series earlier this year. (

Matthews lives north of Anchorage, Alaska. She began the “Winds of Change” series after she researched to find who the first Alaskans were, assuming that would identify the first Americans, as she had been taught. She discovered in a single day of research that the first Alaskans were not likely the first Americans at all. Shocked that what’s been taught in our schools and universities about the migrations of ancient humans is, in many ways, a fabrication that overlooks and ignores many ancient sites and finds, she launched into years of research and writing that became the “Winds of Change.”

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