Shadow of Darkness

Contributed by Josh Fryfogle

In my path a forest
All I see is trees
All I see is darkness
As I walk beneath

Who knows what's beyond
At some point a mountain
Searching and I'm thirsty
Youth is but a fountain

Path is far behind me
There below the boughs
Sunlight flickers through them
Find my way somehow

Somewhere beyond the branches
The sunshine touches earth
Searching for that place
The fountain of my birth

I was born in sunlight
Somewhere along the way
I wandered through the thicket
And lost the light of day

For now Iā€™m in the shadows
Feeling oh so cold
Thirsting for some sunlight
Parched and feeling old

From the woods a clearing
A stream in the hollow
Drink it in my body
Revived and young I swallow

Now my thirst is quenched
By the water I was made
I sit there by the tree line
Thankful for the shade