Adopt Cash

Contributed by Tracy Smith, Animal Care Dispatcher

Cash (A047125) is a 5 year old pit bull who loves to play fetch, but only with tennis balls. Cash is a big 'ole bundle of love and affection, but you'd never know it if you walk up to his kennel. But don't let his bark fool you. He would be a great "protection" dog for a person/family with only older children and no other animals. 

To cover his bad points: He has been known to jump fences, slip collars, dash out of doors, dig in the yard, does not like children, does not like other dogs, and he can be food aggressive. These can all be fairly easily overcome by a knowledgeable and experienced dog owner who takes the time to train Cash to new and better habits. 

As for his good points: Cash loves treats and attention. He will enjoy going on walks or runs with you and knows how to fetch, sit, and dance. Cash is also house-trained and crate trained, both big bonuses! Cash has spent some time with a volunteer on our small agility course and he is such a happy dog wagging his way through the course. He's done very well and learned very quickly. Please visit our Facebook page and search down in the posts to find a video of him on the agility course. 

Cash is looking for a responsible family to love and protect. Cash will make a great companion dog in the right circumstances and we're certain he's not too old of a dog to learn new tricks. Please come down to the shelter if you think he might be a good fit as a new companion in your home. 

Don't be discouraged by his behavior in the kennel. He just doesn't quite know how to tell you that all he really wants is a chance to get to know and love you. Ask a staff member to assist you and give Cash a chance by visiting with him outside and in one of our visiting rooms. To re-iterate, Cash does need to go to a home with no small children and no other animals.

Thank you,
Tracy Smith – Animal Care Dispatcher
Matanuska Susitna Borough Animal Care & Regulation
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