Alaska Music & Arts Builds Resources for Mat-Su Artists

Contributed by Alaska Music and Arts Center

The Mat-Su Valley area is full of artists. We have dancers, singers, songwriters, and musicians of all kinds. As the area grows, facilities aimed at supporting this artistic population become more and more important.

Alaska Music and Arts, LLC (AMA) was founded to help provide for this need. We now have a dance and martial arts studio, and will soon have a professional recording studio.

With two large dance halls, each with two thousand square feet of space, the dance facility is designed from the ground up to provide an exceptional experience for everyone who uses it. AMA is dedicated to providing this space to everyone who needs it, so we aren’t becoming exclusive with any providers.

Dancing on a concrete floor is fatiguing, so the floors are made of sprung hardwood. The ceiling and mirrors are high enough to provide plenty of space for most dance moves, and the natural lighting provides a warm experience in the summer months.

We’ve had a great amount of interest in the dance space so far, with a yoga instructor coming on staff and two separate dance programs renting the space during the week. We also have martial arts using the space on most weeknights. All before we’ve finished construction. 

It’s clear there is a need for this kind of rental space in the area, and we’re thrilled to be providing something. We want to have as many different activities as possible in the space and hope that everyone in the area can make use of it. The AMA Dance and Martial Arts Studio will open September 1st.

Alaska Music and Arts can be reached via phone at 907-745-4001 or email at Our street address is 1085 S Inner Springer Loop, Palmer, AK 99645.