Artist Uncorked: The Busy-Ness of Business

Submitted by Diana bland,
ner of Artists Uncorked in Palmer

With a large plate of steamer clams and a harbor view of the Oregon coast before me, I get into the ‘pondering’ mode. My husband is relaxing on the couch with a large beer and a view of the T.V! It’s football season.

I wondered about the seemingly human motivation to for such busy lives. Mine included. Jobs, gyms, meetings, deadlines and errands and children going in every which direction. As a young mother of 3 boys, I remember this very well.

Memories of those days are blurred and jumbled, and in some cases missing altogether. Thank goodness for photographs. Sitting in this quaint coastal town in Oregon, I have but one agenda. To finish off 2 lbs. of buttery steamer clams and enjoy the view.

 Breathing the fresh salty air and watching the harbor boats sway ever so slightly on the current. There is a lighthouse in the background. These are vivid memories. I’ve worked hard at my jobs and responsibilities over the years. At times way too hard, but not as hard as some. It’s competition, it’s money it’s pride and ego, it’s the American way.

In some cases it is need, but I suspect a lot less often than one might think. Bigger homes, faster cars, 15 coats 32 pairs of shoes, a kitchen gadget for everything except digesting your recent meal.

Success? Or Distraction?

Skipping work this morning to help with my 2 youngest grandsons, I feel the nag of responsibility to ‘get busy’, get something done, to be ‘at work’. But sitting next to me is a 3 year old with big blue eyes holding up his favorite book for me to read. I remind myself of the few and intermittent memories that I have of these times with my own children.

I relax and I let it go.

Artists Uncorked is a Creative Entertainment Studio and ‘PAINT AND SIP Company in Downtown Palmer.