Your Journey Toward Health

Contributed by Winona Benson
Nourished Health Coaching Services

Our health is shaped by many factors: our relationships, our ability and willingness to take time to relax, be creative, and to experience joy; our home environment: our finances; our career; our social life; and our physical activity and nutrition.   With so many variables that can put us at risk for stress and disease, it is important to reflect, regroup and set personal goals to get us on track for a healthy lifestyle.

One effective method of becoming aware of your life intricacies is to journal.  Start the morning by writing down your thoughts, feelings and even your intentions for the day.  Then record what you are thankful for.  This can be difficult when times are tough, but it is a powerful tool that can positively alter your thinking.   Include a small goal for the day, something achievable that also is fun, relaxing or inspiring.  Accomplishing bite size goals builds our confidence and encourages us to keep moving forward.  Take time to reflect back on your day too.  What choices did I make that took me toward my goal?  What choices did I make that did not serve me well?  What did I do that fed my body, my mind, my relationships, my spiritual growth? End with a positive – a thought of thankfulness, a positive word or a prayer.

Our career and finances can be extremely fulfilling or stressful.  Stress builds up cortisol in the body and cortisol causes inflammation.  Inflammation causes stress on our immune system and makes us more vulnerable to illness and disease.  That being said, take a look at your finances, honestly.  Do you need to make some changes with your spending? Your saving? Your income? There are many wonderful and free resources that can help you get on track. Check or for ideas.

Your relationships are vital and interweave into your whole life.  Communication, creating boundaries, creating opportunities to spend time together, being generous, thoughtful, and being dependable are just some aspects for healthy relationships.  Who in your circle is important to you?  Think of ways to nurture your relationships, act on it, and not only will it affect your happiness but it will have a positive effect on your health as well.

Our eating and exercise habits have a tremendous effect on our health.  Sometimes we just need to reboot and get back on track. Other times, we might need some help.  There is so much conflicting information about what is healthy, how much to eat, what to cook, what diet is  best, and so on.  Perhaps you could benefit from seeking help from a Health Coach.   A Health Coach can provide support, guidance, and information to motivate you to make positive changes in your lifestyle. 

Our health is shaped by many things, but ultimately by our choices.  Are you ready to make some changes? Would you like to have more balance in your life? What choices will you make to move you in that direction?

Your health, your growth, your journey.  You are worth it!

Winona Benson, Health Coach and owner of Nourished Health Coaching Services, LLC.