A WLTGO Thank You

In Palmer, when great things happen, it is because many hands come together to make light work!

Who Let The Girls Out – from inception to the last door closing late in the evening – is the product of many engaged and dedicated individuals.

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Technology War

What's with children; making our lives sheer joy one moment and utter chaos the next?

Don't get me wrong I am fortunate and have been blessed with some pretty amazing children. Parenting has not been without its challenges, especially in this incredible age of technology. Are there parents out there who ever feel like they are in an episode of Spy vs. Spy when it comes to keeping tabs on their children's online and iPod activity?

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Paint the Town, Palmer

This year, we will be assisting the City of Palmer Public Works Department in staining and painting the Palmer Museum and Visitors Center at 723 S Valley Way. 
Join us on Thursday, June 9th starting at 8:00 am in keeping our historic log cabin protected from the elements.  

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Alaska Delegation Praises Missile Defense Agency Announcement for Pacific Spaceport- Alaska Complex

Today the Alaska Congressional Delegation welcomed the announcement by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) that it is examining the Pacific Spaceport Complex in Kodiak as a potential site for missile defense flight testing for regional missile defense systems, such as the Theatre High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) system.

"Today’s announcement is great news for Kodiak and for Alaska. The Missile Defense Agency continues to recognize Alaska's geographic advantage in the execution of its mission. Testing regional missile defense systems in Kodiak is the latest chapter in a longstanding relationship between the Missile Defense Agency and our state,” Senator Murkowski said. 

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Adopt Rocky

Rocky (A051358) is a 6 year old mixed breed. It's possible that he is a pit/akita mix. Rocky is a house trained dog who is very cuddly.

Rocky is medium energy, friendly, affectionate, playful and adventurous. 

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Adopt Farley

Farley (A059505) is a handsome 7 year old cattle dog/bull dog mix. He has demonstrated that he has a desire to please his human when he is being treated with respect and patience. Farley loves to play fetch and will bring the fetched item back to you and lay it on the ground for more playtime.

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Valley Transportation Plan: Online Open House

We need to hear from you!  We’ve run the computer traffic models and analyzed a lot of data, but what’s missing is you. We need the human element of transportation to be heard.  Help us understand what types of transportation you do or want to use, where transportation should be, and what your greatest transportation needs are. 

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I was convinced that much of what we’re taught regarding the peopling of the Americas was wrong, and I couldn’t understand why we taught fantasy as fact. 

It disturbed something deep within me.  I wasn’t credentialed for a non-fiction battle.  It’s already been done and done well.  I decided to try writing fiction, something for which I had no training nor experience, but there was no systematic novel series on the peopling of the Americas. 

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Sullivan Applauds First Production at Point Thomson

“The announcement that production has started at Point Thomson is very good news for Alaska,” Senator Sullivan said. 

 These are production levels in line with the terms negotiated with ExxonMobil by Senator Sullivan when he first was the Alaska’s attorney general, and then the commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources. Settling the terms of development in Point Thomson was one of Senator Sullivan’s top priorities. 

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