Growing in Faith

Contributed by Scott Laney

In the beginning when I was young, my family would always take me to church. When I went to school it was hard for me though, because many people didn’t believe in God. February 7th, 2014 I was ready for work, so I hopped in my car. While I was driving to the gas station I ran out of gas. I started to walk to the gas station that wasn’t too far away. A car came and I started to wave my arms, but I was hit at 60 MPH. I broke both legs, my left arm, and my skull and was rushed to the hospital. For 3 months I had to learn how to talk, walk, and eat again.

My family has always believed in God after I was born and they all prayed for me. My mother was my main supporter though, because she always took me to church, taught me new prayers, and taught me right from wrong. My father was a believer as well, but he had a bad addiction that ruined his marriage. When my family and I would go to church, I would always feel the Holy Spirit upon me. The pastors would speak great words from out of the bible as well as baptizing individuals who requested it.

I did have a few bumps in my walk with Jesus though. Whenever I would lie, steal, and think awful things, I would be sinning. If I was walking in the dark and was scared or heard something that scared me. I use to drink too much alcohol and get drunk all the time, but not anymore. I as well, use to steal things from the stores and get away with it. The Bible says though to not steal, lie, and the Bible says to not fear, but only the Lord.

I believe God’s plan to use me now is to witness unto others who may not know him and others who are falling off of his word and way. I love to share God’s word with people and pray for all people in need. Me and my mother, we have found out a whole lot of things that we’ve never knew before. Like what churches and pastors are not good to go to because the Bible tells us that they are cults. 

The beginning until now it has been a rough transition for me, but I’m doing my best to obey God’s law. I never knew I was going to be hit by a car that day, but it has brought me a lot closer to God now. I am so happy I was born into a Christian family and that they could show me the way to the only God. My father is getting better now, but he and my mother are still not together now because my father has too many other girlfriends. Now days I just praise the Lord all day for guiding me and my family, showing us the right way to follow Him.