Mat Su Sertoma Recognizes Madeline M. Emmi 

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Contributed by Paula Nance

 The Mat Su Sertoma Club recognized Madeline Emmi with the SERvice TO MAnkind Award this fall.

For the year closing 2018-2109, Madeline stood out for her volunteer efforts in the Mat-Su Borough. She is the youngest individual to be recognized to date for this award. She has been involved with volunteering from an early age, starting in middle school and then through high school.

Madeline has an endless list of volunteer work:

·      Girl Scouts

·      Teacher’s Assistant

·      Student Government

·      Special Olympics Programs, spending 2 weeks every summer at Camp Shriver.

·      First student on the council for “No More Mat-Su.”  This is a nationwide organization dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault, through inspiring action and fueling a culture of change.

·      Young Life HS Camp work crew, for a month.

·      Young Lives (for teen moms) volunteering as a babysitter and filling other needs.

·      Jr. High Wild Life as a Junior Leader/Mentor.

·      Adaptive arts program for special needs students.

·      Partners Club, which works with kids with special needs.

·      Every 15 Minute Program at Wasilla High School, which brought awareness that “Every 15 min someone dies from an alcohol/texting related collision”.

·      Alaska Association of Student Government

·      Dance volunteer at summer camps

·      Started “Project Sandwich” and the “Prom Dress Drive” with the help of her mom. Program Sandwich provides bag lunches to those students in high school who would otherwise have nothing to eat over the weekend. The prom dress drive was started to help with start-up funds to others who want to bring this program to their schools.  This is NOT a school district program.

Madeline plans on attending Portland State this fall to pursue a degree in Special Education. 

About the Mat Su Sertoma Club:

The Mat Su Sertoma Club was founded in 2009 and sponsors the Mat Su Plunge annually to give back to the community.  The Plunge is scheduled for February 20, 2020. Mark the date! Like us on Facebook!