Local Poetry Of The Mat-Su

Equinox Song

Contributed by Randi Perlman

Happy early days of spring, lilting thoughts the long days bring.
‘Tho still a ways to go up here, the waxing sun belies the fear
That winter will not lose its grip as icy daggers each day drip.
Ravens kiss and swoon the sky as I pursue that first rebel fly.
Moose abundant as they struggle to find, the last of the bark that sustains their kind.
Through bitter cold nights spiked with aurora, snow slowly melts as sun daily stronger.
The air is filled with charged anticipation as earth gears up for its seasonal transition.
Surrounded by vistas that widen the eyes and beckon to you as you’re passing by
In an auto, jet boat or flying high there are wonders to witness that money can’t buy. 
It’s getting crowded to live here as more and more come,
Bringing change along with them, wherever they’re from.
But Alaska is still where I want to stay - to me that’s been clear from my very first day.
There is no other like it, of that I am sure, it’s the Great Land I’ll always be thankful for.


Contributed by Susie Oliva

Seconds take time. Tic and tock on hands of a clock.
Years rush and flutter by on wings of a butterfly.
Revel in and endure the moments of joy and strife.
Thrill to the speeding decades, the roller coaster of life.