Just For Fun. Why Not?

Contributed by Nan Potts

Just For Fun Concert
5/7/2017 – 4PM
Mat-Su Community Chorus
Willow Community Center
Willow Community Circle, Willow
FREE Event

Just For Fun Concert
5/13/2017 – 7PM
Mat-Su Community Chorus
Good Shepard Lutheran Church
501 E Bogard Rd. Wasilla
Tickets: FREE Students/Seniors, $5 General

Why not, just for fun? Sing to a loved one like you're auditioning for The Voice? At a stop light, rock out to your favorite song as surrounding drivers applaud you? Play air guitar in your front yard to your favorite song with the whole neighborhood watching and they join in?

Why not? You may have responded with, "Because!" Or, you might have started sniggering, adding, “Pshaw! Yeah, right!” etc.

It would be silly to conclude that you don't like to have fun; it's just your fun button hasn't been pushed. With that said, I know there is a silent percentage which would do the above, just for fun!

For the rest you who are reluctant to leave your comfort zone and won't sing outside the shower, only play their air guitar as a private performance and so forth, there are options. Why not engage in a substitutional adventure of playful melodies with the Mat-Su Community Chorus as they present their spring concert series: Just for Fun.

The Chorus will entertain audiences with a musical journey across styles and genres. Concert pieces include a barber shop arrangement of Cohan's Give My Regards to Broadway; the Beatles' If I Fell, an oldie, See You in September; some familiar classics and silly antics. 

Concerts venues include: 
•    A free concert on Sunday, May 7th at 4pm, at the Willow Community Center, Willow.
•    Saturday, May 13th at 7pm, at Good Shepard Lutheran Church, Wasilla. Tickets at the door are $5. Seniors and students, no charge.

Deciding to attend is your choice but so is having fun. You may find yourself tapping your foot or humming. Better yet, singing along and you won't be impeded while strumming your air guitar either! But, you must drop in. There is a potential allotment of you who will actually want to join the chorus - new members are always welcomed.     

Why not make the time to spend an afternoon or evening of multifarious music with the Mat-Su Community Chorus? Just for fun!