New Faces, Same Fun

Contributed by Michael Consalo

The Spot: Under 21 Music Venue
5/4/2017 – 6PM
MY House, The People's Paper, Q 99.7, Valley Arts Alliance, Mountain Sound & Entertainment, Barrett & Associates Insurance
MY House
300 N Willow St. Wasilla
FREE Event  

As someone that has performed for years in various music scenes, I'm always impressed how little things can still captivate me. Watching a kid pick up drum sticks for the first time while his buddy takes the mic really makes all the difference when doing a program like this. It's not about attention or getting it perfect, just having fun in the spotlight that has captivated people for hundreds of years. It was a true pleasure at the most recent night of The Spot, our under 21 music venue that features local talent of all genres. 

The night started out with Secret Spot Society, the staff band which changes its name each night, with a duo singing, playing guitar and adding in a splash of tambourine. As the night continued newcomer, Mary Wessling, took the stage performing songs from 3 Days Grace and other prominent artists as she strummed her guitar and sang to the attentive audience. After Mary, two young men, Ashton and Alex, came up to jam with a couple staff members to a couple improv and Twenty One Pilots songs. It was truly something special to witness the youngest group of aspiring musicians to grace The Spot, having fun performing music in their home town of Wasilla, AK at the Gathering Grounds Café at MY House.

While the overall attendance of the event has yet to pass 15 people, each month has brought new faces with new talents and even friends that come and support. We are hoping that as The Spot continues, more and more youth will show up to hang out and support friends and possibly meet other musicians to start bands. The Spot offers all the equipment needed for anyone to perform with a full PA, microphones, a drum set, guitar amp and bass amp ready to go, thanks to Mountain Sound & Entertainment. The project was modeled after the great results Iceland had battling substance abuse in their communities by offering consistent youth activities. 

The Friday night events aren't the only thing going on this year… 

The month of April also featured the first guitar workshop, which was one of four quarterly workshops put on by the staff of The Spot. Those interested in The Spot or workshops should reach out to the staff on Facebook or to Michael C. at 907-203-0621. 

Also this summer, The Spot will join MY House to raise funds to continue support for The Spot, July 14th during Music on the Green. This event will be a lot of fun out at Settler's Bay Golf Course and will feature Element 47, Danger Money and Steelhead for over 5 hours. 

We look forward to a productive year as we continue into 2018, and hope you can join us on the first Friday of the month at the Gathering Grounds Café for The Spot.