Becoming A Fiber Fanatic -  Fiber Frenzy 

WLTGO - Becoming A Fiber Fanatic - Fiber Frenzy.jpeg

Contributed by Jan Newman

WLTGO Fiber Frenzy
4/21/2018 – 10AM
The Annex
247 S Alaska St. Palmer
FREE Event

About 27 years ago, I was invited to join a neighborhood knitting group. My friends would get together and knit while visiting over a cup of tea. They would meet at a friend’s home just a few minutes walk from my own. I agreed to give it a try. 

I was pregnant with my first child at the time and had groused to my friends about how difficult it was to find warm natural fiber clothing for infants. After just one get-together I was hooked, not only on knitting, but also on spinning, weaving and felting. Before long, I was also quilting and I was well on my way to becoming a fiber nut. 

I’ve knitted and felted countless scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, socks, slippers and booties for newborns. There was a time that I took a yarn project with me everywhere, especially when I had to stand in line or sit still and listen. I’ve sewn bed quilts, sampler quilts and wall hangings, in addition to children’s clothing and costumes. 

For me, fiber art is a way to explore my creative side which took years to unleash. Sure I make things for my family and myself to wear, but lately I bring out my knitting needles to make something for someone else - a knitted hug if you will. 
This year on April 21st, in conjunction with Who Let The Girls Out, fiber enthusiasts will be coming together for Fiber Frenzy. We will convert The Annex into a gathering spot for people who share our passion or want to learn, a hub for locally-produced wares - quilts, yarns, knitted/felted/woven items and local Alaskan fiber. 

Join us at The Annex, April 21st, 10am-3pm for the first WLTGO Fiber Frenzy, and indulge your creativity with fiber and inspiration. Sip some tea, try your hand at spinning wool, check out the hand-dyed yarns and quilts and gather information about classes, workshops, retreats, guilds and get-togethers. See you there!