The Witch & The Spy

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Contributed by John Masters

John Masters has released an introductory novella to the Virgo Series entitled “The Witch and The Spy” to engage readers into a fascinating and unique novel series that is sure to entice readers of all fiction and keep them hooked. 

Originally published on January 20, 2018, this new and exciting take on science fiction will awe readers with its engrossing storyline and addicting characters. Available for digital download on Nook Press and Amazon Kindle, downloading the novella and enjoying it is easy and fast.

John Masters is a newcomer to the fiction genre. An already accomplished writer, he has been previously published in both society journals and contributed to technology blogs. An avid scuba diver, he has spent most of his life around both technology and software and is heavily involved in the information technology and database technology fields. After spending almost a decade in the armed forces, he endeavored to pour his life experiences and fascination with technology into a new breed of science fiction for readers craving something new. 

You can find more information about John’s upcoming books, along with the continuation of the Virgo Series on Facebook and Twitter at: 

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Twitter: @AuthorJohnM