Ralph and Callie

Contributed by Kelleigh Orthmann

The purrfect pair!

Ralph and Callie, they are a great couple. Ralph is a super mellow guy who doesn't get too excited about things. He is an excellent lap kitty who doesn't have to test gravity all the time. You lay down, gravity works; go with it.

Callie needs to check things out for herself. She needs to be sure that things are as they should be. She will worry if she has not gone through the checklist of what is necessary for a good life. Right now, Callie is a little worried since her person gave her and Ralph away after 6 years. Not because they did anything wrong. Callie knows they didn't do anything wrong; they were sweet, loving, happy kitties who loved their person. But here they are, without a home or family of their home. She is hoping that she can fix that as soon as possible.

Ralph is an 8 year old blue-eyed snowshoe boy and Callie is a silky 6 year old ebony beauty. They are bonded, love each other, and want to live together always. They must be adopted as a pair. They do fine with mellow dogs and are happy purring kitties in a happy home. Ralph and Callie have been sponsored and can be adopted to a loving family as a pair for $80!

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898