Understanding Vape Batteries

Contributed by Tony Delarm

Vaping has changed over the last few years, if you haven’t noticed. We’ve gone from simple press a button with a light, to having enough modifications to fill an entire 8’ cabinet. So why do we have all these modifications? Surely, everyone is the same right? Of course, we aren’t, and as a result we have options for those that wish to get away from cigarettes and move towards the future of vaping.

Batteries are the power source of your vaping unit and can either be internal or external with the latter being a unit you can remove and “switch” while the internal is something that stays with the unit it’s entire life. When we go to look at external options, typically the batteries are rechargeable and are made of a variety of elements including magnesium, cobalt, manganese, or nickel. Like most batteries, they come with a positive and negative end, with the negative end being flat and the positive side having the traditional raised terminal.

When it comes to size, vaping external batteries are typically what’s called a “18650”, which is broken into two parts, the diameter “18mm” and the length “65mm”. Variations in this would make a battery bigger, such as the “26650”, which would obviously provide more power. So which one is best for you?

As with most things, safety is our concern here. “The key is the “amp limit” of the battery. This tells you the most current you can ask for from the battery to stay within its safety limits”, according (Johnson, L. 2019). “On battery specs, the piece of information you need is the “maximum continuous current” rating of the battery. This is a number in amps (A) and it tells you how much current the battery can safely provide on a continuous basis. You can look this up for your specific battery online, but the information should also be available at the store you bought the battery from.” And of course, that’s what we recommend if you feel that this information is over your head. We pride ourselves, at Alaskan Sweet Vapes, on educating our consumers on how to properly and safely use their vape. We are happy to help you find the perfect battery and explain more if you need help! That’s it for this month, catch our monthly articles right here in The People’s Paper and online at aksweetvapes.com. have a great month!

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