Exciting Alaska Pipeline Days Caught In New Book


Alaskan Authors: Michael Travis & Armand Spielman

Alaskan Authors: Michael Travis & Armand Spielman

It’s March 1969, and Armand Spielman of Atlantic Richfield accepts the position of landman for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline project. His mission: secure the right-of-way for the pipeline footprint. Eight hundred miles of right-of-ways, from Prudhoe to Valdez. 

Spielman hires his friend Jay Sullivan to help out, and Sullivan recruits candidates for the team, some without experience. But nobody has the kind of experience that the Trans-Alaska Pipeline demands. That’s where the adventure begins in the new state of Alaska, with a project that overwhelms available resources, and drives some of the landmen in Spielman’s crew to brave and desperate acts.

Armand Spielman, the Landman himself, passed away February 17, 2016, but his co-author, environmental engineer Michael Travis, got a proof copy into his hands before he died. Travis’ other books have both won awards- El Gancho: A Saga of an Immigrant Family’s Journey Out of Mexico, and Melozi: A Teenager's Search for A Summer Job Lands Him An Adventure In The Alaska Bush. 

Michael Travis is the principal of Travis/Peterson Environmental Consulting, Inc. in Anchorage, Alaska. The Landmen: How They Secured The Trans-Alaska Pipeline Right of Way by Spielman and Travis is available at fine bookstores, Amazon, and from the publisher at www.PublicationConsultants.com or 907-349-2424. $19.95, ISBN No. 978-1-59433-608-9.

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