“How Can A Greyhound Bus Disappear Off The Golden Gate Bridge?”

Contributed by Steve Levi

That’s exactly what Detective Heinz Noonan needs to discover, and then find the four bank robbers, 12 hostages and $10 million that were on the bus. You can follow the clues with Detective Noonan in The Matter of the Vanishing Greyhound at the signing party at the Elim Café, 561 W. Dimond between 5 and 7 on Wednesday, August 24!

Local writer Steve Levi is pleased to introduce a new mystery genre, the impossible crime. An impossible crime is one in which the detective has to figure out how the crime was committed and then catch the perpetrators. 

“I am so tired of movies, novels and television shows that are just the same story with different names,” Levi said. “I wanted to create something different and fresh. A Greyhound bus disappearing off the Golden Gate Bridge is different. With bank robbers, hostages and stolen cash, it’s unique. If you don’t have something unique you have nothing.” 

The book is available from Alaskan publisher, Publication Consultants at www.publicationconsultants.com.
 Steve Levi
Master of the Impossible Crime