Blood Circulation, The Engine That Keeps Us Going

Contributed by Dr. Tara Workman

A lot of times we forget about the importance of our circulation when it comes to our health until we develop symptoms such as raised blood pressure, shortness of breath, fatigue and the dreaded chest pains.  

Our heart pumps blood through the main arteries, but it relies on the additional power of the autonomous pumping motion of the micro-vessels. It is these very small vessels that reach the most remote parts of our body. About 74% of all blood vessels in our body are micro-vessels, 11.5% are arteries and 14.5% are veins. Arteries mainly carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the various organs and tissues while the veins mainly carry deoxygenated blood back to the heart.

These micro-vessels are necessary for your well-being. The micro-vessels are where the metabolic exchange takes place. It moves the nutrients into the cells and disposes of the toxic wastes. Without this micro-vessel track moving, most of our cells would be denied the nutrients required to function. They would drown in their own waste without the blood flow to cleanse them. This is fundamental for all metabolic processes. By these, our circulatory system also distributes hormones, immune cells and other signaling molecules.

And this is where BEMER medical devices come into play.

Altair Chiropractic is implementing BEMER for preventative purposes and as a supplement to other treatments. In sports, it is used to enhance athletic training and to accelerate the regenerative process. BEMER technology is easy to apply and anyone can use it.

BEMER enhances general blood flow, the body’s nutrient and oxygen supply, waste disposal, cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy, concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation and sleep management. 

Only good, functional circulation ensures proper supply of nutrients and oxygen, as well as proper waste removal within the body. This is fundamental for all metabolic processes. On this basis, it is clear what a critical role the circulatory system plays in our overall health and well-being. 

At Altair Chiropractic, we specialize in your overall health and well-being. If you are interested in learning more about the BEMER technology and how it and chiropractic can help you start feeling better today, call Dr. Tara Workman at (907) 357-1818 and schedule your appointment.