Celebrate Your Success

Contributed by Antiqua Lisha, Divinely You

The first annual Alaskan Celebrate You concert and empowerment day was a success thanks to you! I have been overflowing with the miracles and blessings that came with this event. Leaping into the unknown and riding on the wings of faith is the best way I can explain how this event came together.

My team (Michael and Bryan from the Pass Radio here in the Mat-Su Valley 99.5FM and Josh Fryfogle from The People’s Paper, and me) worked our tails off for months.

We had amazing bands: Derek Dean, The Quiet Cull and Element 47

Generous sponsors: Altair Chiropractic, Green Thumb Garden Center and The Alaska Brain Center

Seven fun vendors: Check out their booths in the videos on our Facebook, first video and second video, and Sahara Storm bought out their dancers and hula hooping fun. 

Volunteers like Amber and Ginger, who helped take care of the vendors and dry off the tables for our guest to sit and others I’ll mention below.

Together we made it all happen. I was overflowing with gratitude as the day went on and everyone showed up to support the cause.

However, I was stressed a few days leading up to our outside event, as the clouds sat covering our valley as far as the eye could see. We also found out that we did not have the proper forms to run two of our three fundraising ideas. Needless to say, I was a bit stressed.

However, that did not stop us. There were 77 prizes from amazing stores that helped us raise over $600 in our balloon pop and Liquid donated the helium, and nearly everyone walked away with a fabulous gift. To increase the fun, Special Events Party Store donated 60 kids balloons and Jessica from The Alaska Shipping picked them up and brought them all the way to Palmer for us in their van.

I woke up that morning, looked outside and said, “Rain or shine here we come.”

 As I left my home and drove down the highway, I could just barely see the sun peeking out of the thick cloud cover and then the clouds parted, and my heart began to sing with praise. I opened my sunroof and pointed up (to Mark driving behind me) knowing that today Mama Earth and God were going to be on our side. As I drove closer and closer to the Palmer Ale House, who generously donated their stage, I was filled with awe to see the clouds part and sun peak through onto the green.

The concert began, and our amazing community began to show up. As the day continued, people continued to come out and I was blessed many times over to hear stories and hug our guests as they received breakthroughs. Having our amazing team there allowed me to stop and connect with as many people as possible, to see them and encourage them and gift them with ongoing access to our free program brought to them by your generous donations. 
Just today (August 7th) I got this email from someone who registered for the course your donations before and at the concert allowed us to give out for free. She said:   

“I am so grateful for you! These teachings are food for life change, and I look forward to each one with great anticipation! I am even grateful for the pain that moved me to meet you. Otherwise, I would still be spiraling downward. You are a blessing in my life. Thank you for you.” 

Access the program. Donate and help us continue creating free online and personal support for our community and beyond, at www.divinelyyoufoundation.com.

We had so much fun. I am so grateful for all of your support, prayers, financial donations, time and for simply being there on the green helping us end the cycle of abuse. At times we can’t choose the circumstances of our lives. However, with the right tools and community we can reclaim our power, build others up and step back into the life we were born to live: one of worthiness, peace, confidence and beauty.

I am encouraged knowing that this is only the beginning. All because of you!