Remembering My Father

Contributed by Scott Laney

My name is Scott R. Laney Jr. My life growing up was amazing. My whole family would go to church together to praise God. Later on in my life, my dad bought us dirt bikes. We would always go out riding, watch movies together, go fishing and camping. 

My father and I got jobs working on the North Slope making great money. Then February 7th, 2014, I was hit by a car going 60 mph. I died for thirty minutes and remember seeing heaven! I was back in my body and had only seen Jesus. He healed me and protected me from death. 

My father’s name was Scott R Laney SR. Earlier this year he was having finical a set-back because he didn't have a job. I started to pray for him to get a job. Then all of a sudden, he got a head cook job in Kodiak. He was working up there for about three weeks. He was loving his work and doing so great! One day he was doing dishes and got a cut on his hand. A horrible bacteria got into his body called cellulitis. Then the next morning, my father couldn't get out of bed because his body was so sore. 

He then suffered flu-like symptoms. He was out of work for about 3 days just lying in bed. They finally decided to fly him home. I called him and spoke to him for only a few minutes because he was in such severe pain. 

After three days of not working, his employer sent him to the home. He was in the Kodiak hospital for about three days. Then they had to medevac him to the Providence Hospital in Anchorage, AK. There they finally told us of his current condition. They told us that the cellulitis was blocking off all of his heart valves, so he was going to have to have open heart surgery. 

While he was in the hospital, a nurse was trying to put an IV into his hand; instead of putting it in correctly, she scrambled his hand all up and gave him an infection. Then they wouldn't do his heart surgery until his hand was better. Then he had an aneurism and this flooded his brain and caused a condition that the doctors could not help. At 3 months of being in the hospital, I went to see my dad on July 28th, 2016.

He was in an induced coma. The doctors said that they were going to do some tests on him. They opened his eyes and flashed a bright light in his eyes and the doctors said that his pupils were not dilating. Then they started to shock and poke his arm looking for a reflex. Nothing happened. 

I came up to my father and told him to just take hold of Jesus's hand, and I said a long prayer for him. I know my father was a great believer in God and my mother the other day made sure my dad forgave everyone that he had issues with as well. We had hopes that he would recover, but we wanted to make sure that he was in the good hands of the Almighty. 

I know my father is in heaven with Jesus and our Heavenly Father, just smiling down upon us. I know he would want me to continue with my education. I just got my GED, and now I am about to start college and make my father proud. My hospital bills were $3,100,000. 

I also sat by my father’s side and read to him scripture. They told me although he was in a coma, he could still hear me. So I told him to take Jesus's hand and that I loved him. I prayed for him, then kissed him before the doctors pulled his life support off. May God bless all who read this story.

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