Local Poetry Of The Mat-Su

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The Princess Denali

Contributed by H. Platt

Monday night at 1:30
When comes she,
The Princess Denali,
Tiptoeing down the rails,
Spikes and nails,
And the tourists are gone.
But the joints sound her wheels,
Click of heels,
Something sticking, she squeals.
Light flickers down the track,
Coming back,
And her crack pipe’s been drawn.
Windowed-light honeycomb,
Lit-up dome,
And she’s headed for home.
Some weed between the ties,
Dares, defies,
And she’ll make it before dawn.

H. Platt
c/o Louis A. Breuer
PO Box 512
Willow, AK 99688

The Day We Lost Jerry Garcia

Contributed by Randi Perlman

The day we lost him, Jerry, the man.
A day to remember him and the band.

Melodious, rockin’, ethereal riffs
Afloat amongst heady, intoxicating whiffs.

A trip well worth taking - experiences shared,
All the excitement without the fanfare.

Tie-dye, sandals, flowers in our hair.
Coined psychedelic, to us it was clear.

It was more than a movement, this coming of age;
An era of peace before all the rage.

All ‘round the country, nay the world
Bound by the Dead, our freedoms unfurled.

From west coast to east, Haight-Ashbury to the Village
United in harmony, not just to pillage.

Deadheads surrounded by a universal jam,
So different from today’s universal scams.

We gather to pay homage and to celebrate the man,
Founder and father of our quintessential favorite band.

Forever grateful to The Grateful Dead,
Forever songs float through my head…

A trip well worth taking, ‘tho still long and strange,
Meandering thru destiny, Jerry’s home on the range.

Thanks for the music, the memories, the trip.
~We know you’re still playin’, so just let it RIP~