Houston, We Have A Problem...

Contributed by Loren Means

First, let me introduce myself. I am Loren Means, Wasilla resident and candidate for mayor again. And what is our problem?

First, I think apathy. How is it that so few participate in the affairs of city government here? For example, we have three appointed city council members, and all of them are running in this election unopposed! Had it not been for the last minute registration to run for mayor by myself and one other, our current mayor would be unopposed this election, just as he would have been in 2014.

This year, the mayor and city council have decided that in the midst of our recession, with the highest unemployment in the nation and with more jobs being lost and our state government working hard to demolish our economy by removing over a billion dollars from our local economy (the PFD theft), that now is a good time to raise our sales tax by 50% and build a bigger local government that will cost more money forever.

If you know me and few do, you would know that I have other things to do than run for mayor and quite frankly, I would rather do the other things. But apathy has got to stop somewhere, and I guess it is up to me to challenge the tax and spending management of Wasilla’s city government. You have to know that I am not just doing this for myself, but for the rest of Wasilla's residents, all 8700 or so of us. And by the way, only about 900 come out to vote. More of that apathy thing.

No matter your stand of increased taxes or who you would like for mayor, please participate minimally this year and come out to vote on October 3rd. It really is the poll of public opinion that counts the most.