Vote Linda Combs For Palmer City Council!

Contributed by Linda Combs

The years go by rather quickly when you are busy and involved in your community, and here we are once again getting ready to have a local election. Yes, on October 3, 2017, you will be asked to step into your local polling site and choose those whom you wish to represent you and your community.

I am asking you to consider allowing me the privilege of representing you and the City of Palmer for another term by voting for me in this election. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve these past ten months as deputy mayor and the past six years as a Palmer city council member. 

I have been involved in Palmer these past thirty-one years in various capacities and have loved watching Palmer recover from the recession of the 80s to develop and refine the identity it enjoys today as the trademark slogan that we applied to our town, “Alaska at its Best” has grown to be recognized and celebrated.  

Relationships in our community involving the municipal entity (City of Palmer) with the commercial endeavors and volunteer organizations provide us a life that I like to compare to a rich tapestry. I have spent over two decades contributing whatever I can to that tapestry to keep it robust and vibrant. 

It is possible to preserve our history while moving forward with our town’s growth. Over the past five years, I have attended multiple grand openings of businesses that make our town unique. The individuals that have taken the momentous steps to be a part of our sensational community are to be applauded. Those of us who choose to live, work, play, raise families and support those businesses deserve to expect the best from our elected officials.

Please mark your calendar and plan to vote on October 3rd to make your voice count in your town.