Adopt Gizmo

Contributed by Kelleigh Orthmann M.S.

Gizmo is a beautiful boy. He is golden with little white tippy toes, a lush coat and a magnificent ruff. He is maybe about three years old.

Gizmo has probably been a stray most, if not all, of his life. He has had a rough time of it, making a living with no support system. The need to always be on guard and always be searching for food and shelter has made him suspicious about strange happenings. And yet, in a home situation, safe and given love and care, he has come a long way toward trusting humans. 

He does very well with other nice cats, and really is pretty goofy and playful now that he knows there is carefree fun to be had in life. He would do best in a quiet home where he can open up with other nice cat companions and a safe space to lounge in the sun!

Clear Creek Cat Rescue
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