Dead Men Do Come Back

Contributed by Steven C. Levi

The miner had been shot and then frozen.

Then dumped where the United States Marshal is going to find the body. 

And what does it have to do with a planned robbery of 250 pounds of gold?

And why does the body come back three times?

A novel written in the first person – as the body comes back three times and the gold is stolen twice!

Dead Men Do Come Back is the saga of United States Marshal, Gordon Whitford, in Juneau, Territory of Alaska in the summer of 1910. Whitford is called to the city dock where he finds a dead sourdough floating in the frigid water of the Gastineau Channel. The sourdough has been shot and then frozen solid. The sourdough’s daughter-in-law comes in Juneau to claim the body where she begins an affair with Whitford. What Whitford does not know is that the murder of the sourdough is a set up for a robbery of the Scarborough Mine for 250 pounds of gold. What the thieves do not know is that they are being set up by the manager of the mine who wants to steal the gold ‘from himself for himself,’ collect the insurance money and still have the gold. As two concurrent robberies proceed twice, Whitford will pull the body of the sourdough out of Alaska’s Inside Passage two more times while he tries to figure out who is trying to steal what from whom. Since some of the characters in the book were real, there is an historical section with photos. [108,000 words with the historical section.]

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