Martial Arts And Physical Fitness

Contributed by Kalea Sponsler

It has been proven that physical fitness is quite beneficial for the body and the mental health of others, but what about martial arts? In movies, or books or television shows, martial arts is seen as violent and just about fighting and beating people up. But if you have never taken martial arts, there is no way you could prove that thesis. The practice of martial arts has many, many benefits on the mind, body and the spirit.  

In fact, it is a great way to combine physical fitness, and training to make the body stronger in more ways than just physical strength. In martial arts, the benefits are almost endless. When training in martial arts, the body may gain a total body workout. Martial arts can be seen as an exceptional way to better the body’s strength, flexibility, balance, muscle tone and stamina.  

While training the body, martial arts presents an exciting offer a healthy lifestyle, and it is a confidence booster. Yes, martial arts is a way to train the body to become stronger and yes, martial arts does train students to learn how to properly fight. It also teaches exceptional morals and values through intensive training. The Shaolin moral code for example compromises twelve ethics, ten forbidden acts and ten obligations. Through training in martial arts, the body obtains quicker reflexes in a person’s everyday life, especially in driving.  

Now the mind will gain skills as well. The minds focus will become stronger and have much more will power to help someone through everyday life, and the activities and challenges a person might face. The mood of someone who has done martial arts will also change for the better. 

In martial arts, the body and the person is allowed to relieve the stress and frustration they obtain through the practice on a punching bag, or a practice dummy. Endorphins released by physical activities appear to be active in the body hours after exercising, and with martial arts relieving the body’s stress and frustration, there is really nothing holding the happiness back after the training is over.  

While the mind has great benefits from training in martial arts, the body has exceptional benefits, and the results are quite visible on most. While the reflexes become quicker and more reliable, and the balance and focus become stronger as well, there are some physical and visible benefits as well. While training in martial arts, the body will become stronger. Therefore, muscles will begin to form.  

The higher the muscle mass is in a body, the higher the stamina becomes and therefore, decreases the risk of falls and injuries as a person and a body ages. The metabolism in a body will also be greater and that means the body will burn off the calories quicker, thereby preventing obesity and promoting weight loss.  

It has been proven that only one hour of moderately intensive training can burn up to 500 calories, which improves the body’s health and increases cardiovascular health. Researchers have proven that one of the only ways to improve a body’s cardiovascular health, besides eating a healthy diet, is to participate in activities that stress the heart, such as martial arts.  

A question could be asked about martial arts though and that question could be, “If martial arts is also considered a sport with fighting, wouldn’t it be safer to enroll my child in a sport offered by most schools?” To answer that question, no, it is not safer to enroll a child or a teenager in a sport enrolled by a school. 

In martial arts, the most common injury from 13 to 17 year olds is the shoulder. But in hockey, the most common injury from 13 to 17 year olds is the head. Yes, injuries will be obtained while practicing martial arts, but the risk of head injuries are immensely lower than what they would be participating in hockey or football.