Raggedy Dolls

Contributed by Yvonne Moss

A children's book of pictures with Ann and Andy dolls,
Revised my childhood brooding and adolescent lolls.

Their colorful, smart garments and heads so shaggy locked,
Framed impish cross-stitched faces, eyes winked but never mocked.

I picked up my needle, threaded muslin and some fluff
And set to work at sewing them, the first few dolls were rough.

At start, were they my projects for 4-H, friends and such;
I loved stitching and creating - sewing, oh so much.

Their moods I would then transfer, from me to them with scrim;
Be they happy, sad or droll, I gave into my whim.

A wink, frown, smile or grimace, countenance so harried;
Each temperament constructed, sentiment it carried.

I sewed and pieced lots and lots, much did I spend linking;
I swore I heard some giggles, laughter and some thinking.

The more I worked at stitching, my need for matter rose;
My mother's sewing basket - material I chose.

Such finds, had I, of quilt, thread and fabrics galore;
Green plaid for clothes and floss for mugs; kindred styles of yore.

Youthful, nimble fingers then, shaped outfits to be worn;
Whilst my mind mulled over thoughts and troubles I had borne.

My characters developed and finished over time;
Sent into the world with friends, which yearned for them to mime.

They called at homes in Doll Land, befriending young and old;
Much laughter trailed their travels, that is what I was told.

My crafting, I continue and still adore today;
Raggedy dolls I basted, the children love to play.