The Time For Justice Is Always Now

Contributed by Rick Small, Abolitionist Society of Anchorage/Mat-Su Valley

Why, when one talks to a state legislator, who claims to be a follower of Christ and claims to want to stop the rampant "legalized" child sacrifice in our state, do they cower and begin making excuses for their failure to act righteously? 

Two reasons: fear of man, and not enough fear of God. Proverbs 24:10 tells us that if we faint in the day of adversity, our strength is small. It is past time that we change that. And, before you point a finger at a state legislator, look in the mirror. This is talking about you as well. We can't expect them to take death threats and all the other pressure that Satan will apply, unless we are willing to do so as well. Every legislator needs a thousand brave soldiers for Christ, willing to stand with them and fight for what is right. 

Proverbs 24:11 tells us that we are to rescue those who are being led to the slaughter. Every single day in Alaska, five babies are led to the slaughter, and our present Alaska statutes codify that slaughter as acceptable. Those statutes need to be changed ASAP, and the executive branch needs to enforce them. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The time for justice is always now!” He was right, and we know it. We have not been acting righteously. It is past time that we change that. 

Proverbs 24:12 tells us that God sees what is going on, and He will not hold us guiltless if we fail to act righteously. On Judgment Day, we will not be able to say, “I did not know.” We know. 

Babies, little boys and girls, who are created in the image of God, are being murdered. More than five times a day at various stages of development before they reach the stage of toddler, their lives are snuffed out. And, no matter what anyone tells you, we the people, and more specifically, we the followers of Christ in Alaska, have the power to stop their “legalized” slaughter. Satan can't stop us. Those who want the murder to continue can't stop us. The only thing that has and can continue to stop us is our own cowardice. 

So this is what it is going to take, and let's start with me, “I was a coward. I was faithless. I was disobedient to the commands of our mighty God. I repent. I will no longer be a coward. I will no longer be faithless. I will be obedient to the commands of Almighty God. Out of love for Him and appreciation for His sacrifice for me, I will rise up.”

Now it's your turn. And I do mean now. Delay is not an option. Victory is our normative state!

PS: Yes, there are steps to be taken. However, not a single one of those steps will go in the right direction with any strength whatsoever, until I repent… until you repent. After you repent, one of the first steps will be to defy any and all wicked judges who attempt to thwart our righteous action. #HB251 addresses that. #HB250 corrects the statutes to stop the “legalized” slaughter. Become completely familiar with the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate and the ideology of modern-day abolitionism. Then, rise up with us.