Dance School Moves To Alaska Music & Arts

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Contributed by Jeffrey L Sponsler, Alaska Music and Arts

The human body consists of 270 bones and 650 muscles. Exercising these muscles (and bones) makes them bigger and stronger. Over the course of human history, body movement has evolved into a number of art forms and sports. Running, soccer, basketball, baseball, karate, tae kwon do, ballet, dance and yoga are just a few of the many ways that these anatomical structures can be used. Using your muscles burns fat, lowers glucose and improves cardiovascular health. Exercise increases the levels of endorphins and enkephalins in the brain; these are chemicals that increase our sense of well-being and decrease levels of pain. Endorphins are natural opioids, but you don't need a prescription for them except: Move! 

The Alaska Music and Arts (AMA) management team is very pleased to announce that Mat Valley Dance School will be residing in our dance/dojo facility in Palmer beginning January 2, 2018. Below we include information from the director, Lindsey Redmond-Garvey.

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About Mat Valley Dance:
Mat Valley Dance gives the opportunity to anyone to be a performer. With ten years of experience serving the Mat-Su Valley as a premier dance studio, our program is ever expanding to offer a complete dance curriculum. Mat Valley Dance is dedicated to providing professional dance instruction, discipline, mentorship and building confident individuals through a creative outlet, as well as a strong emphasis on being a positive contributor to your community. 

We provide classes for ages, 2.5 to 50+, in a variety of styles at highly affordable rates to ensure an active lifestyle for any individual. Students are given three opportunities to perform annually, as well as competitive dance teams and participation in many community events. Contact us by phone, email, website, Facebook, or Instagram to get connected!

The URL is The phone number is 907-745-1683.

About Alaska Music and Arts (AMA):
The AMA facility continues to host yoga, therapeutic yoga and Shotokan karate. Therapeutic yoga is free for active patients of the Alaska Brain Center. Visit our website for more details: