Senator Dan Sullivan recently visited Hempire Co., on Main Street, in Wasilla.

Contributed by Josh Fryfogle

It’s hard to imagine a Republican Senator in this context, and he’s one of many Republicans who are coming around to the unavoidable truth about cannabis as a dietary supplement. Hempire is a company that is specializing in education about the cannabis plant as a whole – and not as some counter-cultural canard.

Seeing through the smokescreen around the cannabis plant is going to take a while still, as more and more medicinal applications of cannabis are discovered. Clearing the air is really a matter of time. The list is growing of things that medical science is slowly acknowledging about this plant’s medical applications; and let’s not forget the larger applications in food and industry as well.

It is telling that Senator Sullivan would stop by a small shop in Wasilla; both that perceptions of cannabis are changing, and that Anthony and the crew at Hempire are up to some truly groundbreaking work.

Why else would Senator Sullivan make time to stop in and learn about their work?

Perhaps because the new farm bill, recently passed by Congress, allows hemp cultivation for the first time in decades. Seeing how this renewed interest in hemp in America is growing, it makes sense that the Senator would want to gain some knowledge as to its applications.

According to Anthony Dellapietro, owner of Hempire Co., one person in the Senator’s entourage initially expressed disapproval of cannabis, but by the end of the educational discussion, that staffer was inquiring about how specific blends of terpenes and cannabinoids could help a close family member. That’s the change that’s occurring, all across Alaska, as cannabis reclaims its rational place in the economy.

What did the Senator learn?

The focus of the conversation was on exactly what cannabinoids and botanical terpenes are, and how they interact with our body to bring benefits that are still being discovered.

As the prohibition of cannabis slowly rolls back, we are going to find more and more applications for this ancient cultivar crop. Knowing that our Senator is interested in this, and that our local leaders like Shelley Hughes as well... Well, you have to wonder what we can expect in coming years.

One thing that seems evident, Hempire Co. will be at the forefront of this new frontier of cannabis in the Last Frontier.