Adopt Valeris

Contributed by Kelleigh Orthmann

Valeris is a young boy who is drop-dead gorgeous. He has that Maine Coon look without being overly huge, and he’s a sleek, lean, muscular guy. He is about a year or two old.

Valeris is very sweet, though he is cautious with strangers. All he needs is someone willing to give him the time to trust and he will be a lovebug. He really tries to be loved; he wants to be what his humans want him to be. He seems fine with other nice cats; we don't know his history, so we don't know how he would be with dogs. He loves to climb and hang out like a tiger on a high perch, all the better to survey the world. It's a smart cat's technique of doing surveillance and being aware of dangers and pleasures in his domain. When he is bonded with his humans and settled in his new home, he will need a safe place to go outside to enjoy the natural world.

In Wasilla. Call (907) 315-9510.