Voice Of The Valley – Open Mic Jams!

Contributed by David Ion aka Sterling Silver Band, (907) 892-7082


Schwabenhof Bar, 7-11pm.
Host: Carley & Gabe, “Earth to Travolta”,
Mixed Venue

Fishhook Bar, 7-11pm.
Host: Andy Mullen & “Friends”,
Mixed Venue

Schwabenhof Bar, 7-11pm.
Host: Ken & “Friends”
Acoustic Jam

Schwabenhof Bar, 7-11pm.
Hosts: Jeremy & Tim Strunk, Pete Gates, Blues Jam

General Information:
Many players both professional and amateur attend these Open Mic / Jam Sessions creating an ever evolving atmosphere.

Even though the same tunes are sometimes repeated, different musicians give each performance a fresh new flavor. This mixture creates a new experience for the listener every week.

You are likely to hear songs that are brand new due to many songwriters often showing up at these events. All that said there is a “Voice in the Valley” consisting of Songwriters, Poets and Musicians getting together four times every week.

Always good to see new faces on the stage and in the audience.

This Month’s Feature:
This month the Open Mic / Jam is held weekly on Wednesdays at the Schwabenhof Bar, and has been ongoing for about 6 months now. A warm and friendly Bavarian Style Pub featuring selected European and Alaskan Brewed Beers. Or order from the well-stocked top shelf of name brand wines and spirits.

On Wednesdays at 7pm “Earth to Travolta” Carly (Guitar & Vocals) and Gabe (Bass Guitar) strike up the band.

It all started as a friendly get-together, then grew into a public Open Mic Venue to include all genre including poetry, standup comedy, storytelling, you name it.

There always seems to be a wide variety of musicians and acts that could form into new working bands.

To view more local acts please visit: stormythursdaywebcasttheater.com.