Machetanz Arts Festival Feature Artist Announced

The Machetanz Arts Festival at Mat-Su College is thrilled to offer a 4-day workshop with the acclaimed artist, sculptor Simon Kogan. This is an exceptional opportunity to study with a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society. Simon has long shared his artistic passion through the teaching of sculpture, painting, anatomy and drawing in the U.S. and abroad ( Join us as his workshops are sure to change your thinking of what sculpture is, bringing energy and depth to your 2D works (drawing and painting.)

Born in Russia, Simon received 13 years of classical academic training in Moscow, including a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) as well as an apprenticeship under renowned sculptor Isaac Brodsky.

Since immigrating to the U.S. in 1991, he has steadily risen to national prominence as a sculptor who’s widely acclaimed work - monumental to miniature - reflects a bold, yet poetic pursuit of the archetypal and renders an ethereal quality highly resonant with the viewer. Truth, soul and unpretentious sophistication characterize the work of artist Simon Kogan.

Simon’s 4-day torso workshop is 5/31 - 6/3; he will also present a 1-day portrait workshop on Saturday, June 4th. Registration information can be found at

For more information please call: Dr. Felicia M. Desimini Assistant Professor of Art 907-745-9755.