Moments Of A New Year

Contributed by Austa Smith

It’s a new year
The bells are ringing
The children are singing,
And weddings are bringing
Color and beauty, happening.

Who can tell what is new?
Only those who I knew.
Homeless, famine wars abound.
I sink into bed after
Tired, weakness was displayed.

I slept a sound, sound sleep.
Tomorrow’s promise, “I will keep.”
For, I’m redeemed by His blood.
Joy comes in like a flood,
Peace flows as a river
From the loving Creator.

“Why bring in a spiritual theme?”
Some of you may say.
Life is beginning when
Your sins are forgiven,
Your Eternity is already chosen.
Each day I must decide
What I think – what I do
On Life’s eternal ride.

Now you must think about the theme.
What you do or what you liked
You may cross The Divide
When your date awaits
Upon the other side.