Sheyenne J.

Contributed by Shanaina Lopez-Collazo

“Do you know I’m Lucky”
said the whale to the star
“Because I can see my own shadow”

‘Yes, we know how full
and lucky you are
to know how your shadow
moves and breathes
without you’

“She’s only a child.”
Winked the whale
as he smiled

“And each day I know her
she grows
as she wanders
with me attached
us together, tail by tail”

‘We consider her our
shadow too’
said all the stars at once

‘Because we fill you
to your ribs
and we make up your skin and eyes
so we see her
as she sees us
when she looks at you
so we love her also’

Then together
the stars and the whale
swam through the ocean of
the heaven and sky
to meet their child
on earth
who walked and had thought
she was walking alone.