Socks On Rocks Book Review

Contributed by Bonnye Matthews

Mike Spindle is a toy designer, sculptor, illustrator and author. His work has enriched Disney, Hallmark Cards and Hasbro, among others. At present he is writing children’s books appropriate for the very young. The books are reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, but Spindle’s focus is animals in Alaska.  

Socks on Rocks is a story about Dall sheep, differing from other sheep because they climb very high on rocks while other sheep remain on flat ground to graze. Delightful silliness, the silliness that captivates young children, occurs when the sheep need socks, knit them, wear them and darn them. There’s a subliminal lesson to learn that socks are darned before they are cast off for replacement. 

Spindle’s cartoon art work is wonderful and will cause little ones to want to linger on the pages. Even those who read the stories to the little ones can enjoy these brief tales. At the end, Spindle draws two realistic sheep, a male and female, to return to reality.  

Socks on Rocks is highly creative, exceptionally well written and delightful. I highly recommend this book for community library children’s literature lists. Also available in e-book form ($3.99, 9781594336645). 

Socks on Rocks
Mike Spindle
Publication Consultants
P. O. Box 221974
Anchorage, Alaska  99522-1974
9781594336638, $9.95, PB, 32 pp,