Adopt Ginger

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Contributed by Kelleigh Orthmann, M.S., Clear Creek Cat Rescue

Ginger is a pretty, short-haired girl with a neat coat. She is a year or two old.

Ginger is a nice girl who would love a kind family to be part of. She does not mind a friendly cat or dog, but needs her space. So, a home with just one or two other critters would be perfect. 

She was found as a starving stray this winter and is still adjusting to the comforts of a home. But she does love people and loves to see what's going on! She's very curious and wants to be a part of things. She would like a nice outside area to hunt. 

Because she is still adjusting, she would not be suitable for a home with smaller children.

In Wasilla. If interested, call 631-1901.

Clear Creek Cat Rescue
(907) 980-8898