A Call for Unity


Contributed by Vic Kohring

As I watched President Donald Trump's State of the Union speech this week, the fake press once again went all out to discredit him and further divide our country. Within 60 seconds of the end of his speech and right on cue, major network commentators attempted to tie-in the president's remarks with the Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon legal debacles. Trump makes a brief reference to the phony Russian collusion claims in his defense and is now supposed to be on par with Clinton's impeachment and Nixon's Watergate. The problem is, no concrete evidence of a connection with the Russians has surfaced, yet the media keeps their deceitful narrative alive, hoping it will eventually resonate with the public.

Instead of praising the president for his call for a unified country ("We must reject politics of revenge, resistance, and retribution" and "Choose between greatness and gridlock and pointless destruction"), the hateful press chose to throw fuel on the fire of division, by cutting the man down. Instead of celebrating our strong economy, record employment, low inflation, and a prospering American people, the media chose to nitpick the president like a bunch of mutts yipping and biting at his ankles. Their two-year-long crusade to destroy the man since his inauguration has failed and they're in a frustrated state of confusion on why the president continues to stand tall and remain popular.

Democrats in Congress are also increasingly frustrated that their attacks have failed, from Nancy Pelosi to Chuck Schumer to Maxine Waters. Their refusal to work with Trump to solve our country's pressing problems on immigration and national security is sad. It's clear their primary goal is to remove the president from office, not come together and work in the spirit of togetherness. You could see the dismay on the faces of Democrats during Trump's speech – the frowns, smirks, blank stares, indifference, and the "I-don't-care-because-he's-a-Republican" attitude.

The long, sad face of Bernie Sanders was especially telling when Trump proclaimed that we will never be a socialist country and allow government coercion, domination, and control. It was as if Bernie was thinking, "How dare you put down my illusion of a fool's paradise!" Trump knows that when his opponents scowl and cry foul with such a fever pitch, it means he's succeeding and doing his job.

The president's opponents in the House Chambers behaved much like petulant school-age children on a playground whose feelings were hurt. When they were forced to applaud Trump's remarks about the achievements of women in today's America (so they wouldn't be seen on camera as sore losers), they rose to their feet to back slap and high-five each other as if a group of teenagers whooping it up in a locker room, instead of acting as dignified congressmen and women. It was a childish display.

I see the divisions as a direct result of a lack of God in society. If one is sincere in their faith and has God in their heart, you become humble with a natural desire to be cooperative and willingness to work with others. Psalm 133:1 talks about how good it is when God's people live together in unity. 1 Peter 3:8 says one must "Have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind." And the Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians that there should be no divisions among Christians and that we should be united in mind and thought. The problem is, too many in this country, including an increasing number of leaders, are not godly and therefore unable to overcome their anger, bitterness, and hatred toward our president and those with conservative ideals.

Without God as a guide and moral compass, our leaders flounder and drift away from the principles that made our country great. That's why traditional family values have been scrapped, the sanctity of human life is no longer valued, and Soviet-style socialism is embraced by many. And it's why Democrats in Congress can't stomach the thought of working with our president. They long for the days of Barack Obama and his brand of anti-God, anti-Christian totalitarian government. But it's a new era and a time to find common ground and cast aside politics and our personal differences as we work to make America a better place.