Contributed by Kelleigh Orthmann

Love in a pretty package. That's Anley. She's a soft, silky, ebony girl with a chocolate ruff and an adorable face. She’s a slim, trim, little girl, and full of affection. She is maybe 7 years old.

PETS & ANIMALS - Anley.jpg

Anley loves a lap. She loves being petted. She loves keeping you warm on cold nights, making music with her contented purrs, and she would LOVE to share her life with a loving family. She causes no trouble whatsoever, very well behaved. Her goal is to snuggle up, purr, and catch a good nap. Preferably with loved ones. She can tolerate other cats, but would prefer that they stay out of her bubble. She hopes to find a happy family with whom she can add her special kind of joy, and make things better, sweeter, and brighter. If you're looking for an easy to love, cuddly ray of happiness, Anley would be your girl.

In Houston. Call 315-9510!