Who Do We Blame?

Contributed by Pamela Goode

Alaska is in a financial mess, so who do we blame? Or what do we blame?

That is not only a good question, but an important one to have answered as we move forward. A problem cannot be solved if we are unsure of the cause. We can band-aid symptoms all day long but if there is a hole in the boat, we will continue to always take on water,  we will continue to always have to bail, and the chance of “the problem” getting worse if unaddressed is certain until we eventually sink the boat or “fix” the problem.

So what is the problem? First off, it never was and never has been the sudden steep drop in oil prices, but that is exactly what government officials want you to believe. That issue only magnified the true decade-long problem of increasing the scope and size of government and the excessive luxurious spending by legislators and governors. These officials take an oath of office to secure our rights, they make laws, and they spend our money and are definitely responsible for their actions, decisions and votes. But the bottom line is, we put them there and keep them there.  So is the root cause? Them or us?

Elected officials are servants of the people. They should be forward thinkers securing the unalienable rights of today's generation and tomorrow's, and that includes looking out for the overall economy.  Regardless of the circumstances that arise, that is their job. They are not supposed to do the work of what belongs to that of the people. If they do, it deprives us of consumer competitiveness, entrepreneurism, overall economic growth, charitable activity, and individual potential and prosperity.  

There is not one government program that I can think of that is conducted effectively and efficiently.  I'll add to that from what I've experienced, every time the government mingles in areas it should not, prices go up, quality goes down, government gets bigger and the people get smaller. Repeat this cycle enough times over decades or centuries, and you are where we are today.

So let us give credit where it is due. Republicans have been in charge through most of the past decade, responsible for the majority of the luxurious spending. The Democrats received their share of pork when votes were required for funding these bloated budgets which further drove up spending.  

Coalition majorities occurred a few times as in now in the House. Governors, many dislike Walker now and have forgotten why Parnell lost. I'll remind you. Parnell, along with many sitting and re-elected legislators, have their fingerprints and votes all over this overspending fiscal disaster. Let us not make excuses for these people we may like and call friends. Votes don't lie; sponsorship doesn't lie. To hear I'm only “one” of 60 or 40 or 20, is one time too many. They each have a voice and vote, and we should expect both to be used to do their job and uphold their oath of office. No excuses. 

So what is our excuse for hiring them? Are we loyal or blind R and D voters? Recognized the names?  How about voting for the perceived winner; do we do that? Can our vote be bought with a free burger or ice cream; the best funded candidate? What about all the negative ads, do we believe them, check them out, call the candidate? Don't vote? Don't complain! Until Alaskan's look in the mirror, own it and fix it, we are destined to keep blaming them instead of us.

The solution is you, your participation and your vote. You are the present and you are the future. You matter and your rights matter. If the will of the people rise up, our representatives will listen. If we leave them alone, they will not leave us alone. 2018 is not far off and we need to elect ethical, selfless, non-corrupt, “employees” that attract individuals and businesses (new money) into our state, not subsidize them or run the good ones off.  #DrainJuneau2018 For up-to-date coverage, visit Facebook. group: HAC & SAC | Alaska